Demos & Contact


Do you think your music could be released on Lowbit? We listen to all demos that that come through that follows the rules below:

1. Read all the items on this list. In the end of the list you can find the email address where you have to send your tracks and you've learned the best way to do it.

2. Pick your top two or three best tracks, these ones you think can fit properly on the label. Please try to be as close as possible to what we usually release.

3. Upload the tracks to your Soundcloud account, make them private and send the private shareable link to demo [at], include some information about you (have you released on other labels, who has played your tracks, whats your favourite snack, etc).

4. If you follow the rules, we’ll listen to your music. Be patient, we receive a lot of demos throughout the week. Sometimes it takes a while, but we listen to everything that we receive. Please do not attach music to the email or send links to wetransfer, sendspace and similar sharing sites.

5. We can’t answer all the emails we receive with demos. If we like your stuff we will contact to you. If you don’t hear back from us, don’t worry, maybe this time your tracks didn’t fit on the label, maybe the next time!


For all other enquires please email info [at], please note that any demos sent to this address will not be addressed.