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Nosh & SJ ‘The Lost Man’ EP out now!

We wrap up a fantastic year musically for Lowbit with a bang! Nosh & SJ have quickly made a mark on the scene with their releases and their latest EP 'The Lost Man' is our final original release of 2018. The eponymous 'The Lost Man' is a progressive powerhouse with its tight drums, bouncy bassline and spacey pads. 'Reflection' touches on a slightly darker vein with its moody melodies and heavy string work.
Enlisting some of progressive house's finest producers on this EP we start with Paul Angelo & Don Argento who delivers the remix for 'The Lost Man' with their deeper Argentinian progressive vibe that got that really hypnotic vibe. Last but not least, Kamilo Sanclemente & Mauro Aguirre team up to deliver the remix for 'Reflection' turning it into an epic 9 minute progressive journey. What a way to end 2018!
Thank you everyone who has supported us through the year, we look forward to see what 2019 brings!

With HUGE support from DJs like Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc, Lonya, Darin Epsilon, Sonic Union, Nick Warren, Tripswitch and many more, you don’t want to miss this one! Buy a copy on Beatport today!

Rafa’EL ‘Starfall’ EP is out now.

Rafa'EL returns to Lowbit hot of the heels of releases on Particles and Afterglow with 'Starfall'. Going full analog on the production of 'Starfall' you can feel the deep and vibrant music layered on top of a lush vocal, an excellent production from Rafa'EL here. Progressive house stalwart Silinder is back on Lowbit with the first remix of the pack crossing over to a hypnotic melodic techno vibe with its throbbing bassline, rhythmic stabs and stripped back groove. Closing the pack out is last years progressive house surprise Sonabit, who last year delivered one of Lowbits best selling releases and topped the Beatport charts for more then 2 months. Injecting some Red Bull into the track, Sonabit's remix is an energetic peak time track incorporating his rock/progressive house mix that started his career.

With early support from Hernan Cattaneo, Tripswitch, Darin Epsilon, Praveen Achary and many more! Get your copy on Beatport today!

Jaap Ligthart & Saleh (NL) ‘Peak’ EP out now!

Progressive house veteran Jaap Ligthart teams up with Dutch newcomer Saleh (NL) to deliver their first collaboration together and their first appearance on Lowbit. The eponymous 'Peak' is a deep and sophisticated track with its stripped back drums, low and growly bassline, and smooth melody top layers. The second track, 'Fall' picks up the pace a bit and builds it groove around lush modulating pads and vibrato leads, a classic vibe with a modern twist.

With support from Luke Brancaccio, Graziano Raffa, Cid Inc, Darin Epsilon, Lonya and many more, be sure to get your hands on a copy today on Beatport!

Lowbit is attending ADE again this year, and have several open slots for meetings, coffees and lunches!

Get in touch with us if you want to schedule a meeting or just meet up for a coffee and talk music!

Lowbit at ADE 2018

dreamAwaken & DaPalma ‘Silver Forest’ EP out now!

Lowbit dwells deep into trippy territory with our next release courtesy of Swedish musicians dreamAwaken (Traum, Open Records), DaPalma and Anders Rosengren (Traum). Brazilian born but now based in Sweden, dreamAwaken first released on Lowbit late last year with Swedish based UK producer Geist, he has now teamed up with Swedens DaPalma for 'Silver Forest', a deep and trippy, fully analog, live jam track that centers itself around Jim Morrisons poem Silver Forest.
Anders Rosengren takes the original and turns it into a more energetic, 13 minute journey with its 303:esque acid line building throughout the track ending in a ambient styled outro. A perfect last track of the night remix.

With support rolling in from Guy J, John Digweed, Tripswitch, Nikko. Z, Luis Junior and more, be sure to check this out on Beatport!

Nichols - The Dawn EP is out now!

Nichols is a relatively new outing for London based Grant Nichols as he has previously been well known for his work with Matt Tanner (Dysart) as 'Soul Of Noise'. With recent releases on Nick Warren's The Soundgarden and Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music, Nichols now drops two new tracks on Lowbit with 'The Dawn' EP. The eponymous 'The Dawn' is a slow builder with a subtle growling bassline, melodic riffs and groovy drums, a staple in Nick Warrens set over the last few months. 'Bombidal' picks up the energy with its rolling bassline, the moving pads and pulsating leads and wonderful counter to 'The Dawn'.

Additional support has come from Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc, Lonya, Dale Middleton and many more and the EP is now available on Beatport.

‘Shadow Elements’ EP out now!

Sonic Union, the man behind Lowbit Records teams up with his longtime writing partner Bastards of Funk to deliver two new original tracks in 'Shadow Elements' EP. Starting off with 'Elements', a track that came together over an intense 4 day writing session in London a few months ago, hits the more minimal side of Sonic Union & Bastards of Funks productions with its reverb-heavy stabs, steppy bassline and chunky drums. 'Shadow' takes it down a notch with its deep house vibe with long drawn out chords, vocal stabs, ethereal strings and stripped back drums. A slightly different side from these two producers and we hope you enjoy the music!

With support from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Cid Inc, Eelke Kleijn, Lonya and many more make sure you don’t miss this fantastic release!

Grab a copy on Beatport and stream it on Spotify TODAY!

Winners of Lowbit Records & MetaPop remix competition announced.

After long deliberations and listening to every entry multiple times, the winners of the 10 year Lowbit Records anniversary together with MetaPop and Native Instruments have been announced. Head on over to the competition page for the results and check out all the contributions!

Eleven Sins debut EP ‘Test Flight’ out now

Eleven Sins is a newcomer to the scene but have already started to make waves with his releases on SoundTeller and MNL. We got the demo for this EP through Lowbit artist Forniva and instantly took to the old-school progressive house vibe we got from it. Starting the three tracker EP is 'Test Flight' a high energy track with rolling bassline, noise lead and classic vocal break. 'Peace Of Mind' continues the energy with its undulating bassline, classic chord stabs and vocal hooks. Wrapping up the release is 'Fly', the deeper of the three tracks with its more atmospheric feel.
Great stuff from this new artist and we are sure to hear more from Eleven Sins in the future!

Supported by Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Paul Hazendonk, Cid Inc, Praveen Achary, Barry Jamieson, Maceo Plex & more!

Buy a copy on Beatport today!

Lowbit Records turns 10 years old - Remix competition!

Lowbit Records is turning 10 years old and to celebrate we have teamed up with MetaPop and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS to run a remix competition for our 200th release, Sonic Union's progressive powerhouse 'Dragged Behind'! Not only does the winner get their remix released on Lowbit alongside some very established producers for the official remix pack of 'The Return' EP, you also have a chance to win $1400 worth of music software courtesy of Native Instruments! What are you waiting for? Get the STEMS from the official remix competition page and get started!

Greek producers Midnight Pulse and Futur-E team up to deliver our next release 'Zeos'. Starting off with 'Morph' a deep and hypnotic track underpinned by an undulating acidesque baseline, swirly atmospheres and rounded off by a stripped back drum beat. The eponymous 'Zeos' keeps the hypnotic vibe but with an airier feel; focused on trippy chords and leads.

Supported by John Digweed, Hernan Catteneo, Cid Inc, Lonya, Dale Middleton, Sonic Union & more!

Get your copy on Beatport today!

‘Zeos’ EP from Midnight Pulse & Futur-E out now

Forniva ‘Andalusia’ EP out now.

Forniva's last EP on Lowbit, 'Exception to the rule' was back in May 2017 and garnered a lot of attention. He is now back on Lowbit with 'Andalusia' and boy is this a big one! Deep, rolling grooves, hypnotic stabs and oriental inspired melodies. The energy bursting out from the speakers when listening to this are mesmerising! As on 'Exception to the rule' Forniva has teamed up with Alex Nemec again and delivers a more tech inspired vibe in 'Interference'. Slightly more upbeat then 'Andalusia', this track is shock full of energy, groovy and "umpf"!

Supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Gai Barone, Cid Inc, Praveen Achary, Simply City, Darin Epsilon, Sonic Union & many many more!

Buy it on Beatport or stream it on Spotify.

Burakcan ‘Nevermind’ EP out now

On our quest to discover new artists and usher them into the spotlight we found Burakcan with his track 'Nevermind', which will be his first release. 'Nevermind' is a deep and hypnotic affair with a stripped back groove and focus on the pads and effects. For the remix we have another relative newcomer Ogun Celik, who delivers a heaver take with the drums and big stabs taking point here. We hope this will lead to great new opportunities for the guys, just as it has for similar artists before.

Buy on Beatport or stream on Spotify

Sonabit ‘Photosynthesis’ EP available now

Here at Lowbit HQ we love to discover new interesting up-and-coming artists and Sonabit falls into that category. What really caught our ear when we heard his demo was the unusual blend of straight up progressive house and The Who:esque rock flavour he had in his tracks.
The first track 'Sleeping over keyboards' in 'Photosynthesis' EP is a full on energetic progressive number with heavy distorted guitars and vocal samples, 'Winter Disorder' on the other hand is a slightly deeper track but shock full of great melodies and a real musical journey.

‘Sleeping over Keyboards’ have already been charted by Nick Warren and been a big track for him in Miami at WMC this year. Other support comes from Cid Inc, Eelke Kleijn, Lonya, Dale Middleton, Sonic Union, Praveen Achary and many many more!

Buy a copy on Beatport or stream it on Spotify.

Namatjira ‘Bete Noire’ EP out now

Namatjira's fantastic 'Bete Noire' EP is available today exclusively at Beatport! The EP consists of three classy progressive house cuts starting with the darker 'Whakangā', calming things down a bit with the deeper 'Bête Noire' and rounding it of with the more energetic and hypnotic 'Five O'Clock Shadow'. These three tracks really showcases Namatjira's talent as a producer in both the deeper side of progressive house to the more energetic and uplifting side.

With huge support on this from the likes of John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc, Eelke Kleijn & more!

Grab your copy here or stream on Spotify.